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2016  February/March Tuesdays with Morrie Directed by Ryan Taaffe Poster media release photo gallery

         April/May You Can't Have One Directed by Peter Flanigan poster media release photo gallery

         July  Brief Encounter Directed by Jane Sherwood postemedia release photo gallery


2017 January Midsummer Mix  One-act season of three premieres by local writers poster media release photo gallery

2017 March/April That Face Directed by Sharon Greenock poster media release  photo gallery

           May/June Mulan Jr Directed by Fran Gordon poster media release photo gallery 
    July/August What Belongs to You Written and directed by Richard Maker  poster media release photo gallery

       September Playing the Fool - one act season  poster  media release  photo gallery

        September Exceptional Us - Youth one-act season poster media release  Gallery

         November/December Love and Mistletoe  Directed by Carole Wilson  poster   media release photo gallery 

2018 February Charlotte's Web Directed by Fran Gordon. Musical Director Krispin Maesalu  poster  media release  photo gallery

         April/May 'Allo 'Allo Directed by Andrew Watson   poster media release photo gallery

         July It's a Wonderful Life  Directed by  Carryn McLean