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Youth Theatre Group Co-ordinator - Liz Pemberton

Contact number 0413 896 118

Stirling Players has been promoting youth theatre for many years in various forms. It  offers young people, in and around the City of Stirling, a creative opportunity to learn about the different aspects of performance  and production. The group has its own committee which develops a varied  program.  The program includes a range of theatre-related activities such as:

* Youth Productions

* Theatre Workshops

* Co-ordinating events

Being a member of Stirling Players Youth Theatre Group is an opportunity for young people to be involved in 'on-stage' activities, and build theatre skills and gain viable experience in the arts.

Junior membership form - download



 For the two plays making up the mini season

 From Shakespeare to the Outback

 The mini-season will be held on the 9th and 10th of August.

 Auditions will be held at Stirling Theatre Saturday June 22nd 2 – 4pm.

                            From Shakespeare With Love?

 Written by Jonathan Dorf

 Directed by Fran Gordon


Four of the Bard’s characters wait for an overdue flight to London. When Romeo reveals that he plans to revenge himself upon Shakespeare, who he blames for ruining his life, by killing him in a duel, it's up to the others—Titania, Viola and Antipholus—to save their creator by convincing Romeo that Shakespeare “does indeed love love.” But as they recall scenes from their own plays as evidence, will it be all's well that ends well, or is Romeo headed for more tragedy?

Cast required:

2 girls (14 -17yrs)– Titania from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

  and Viola from ‘Twelfth Night'

2 boys (14 – 17yrs) – Romeo from ‘Romeo and Juliet’

 and Antipholus of Syracuse from ‘A Comedy of Errors’

 Note: Each character will play multiple roles so there is quite a lot of dialogue to learn.

 Preparation for the Audition: Download and learn the monologue for the character/s for which you wish to audition. Enquiries - 0411 858 304

Outback Angels

 Written by Yvette Wall

 Directed by Scarlett Greenock


 Following the death of her mother, 16 year old Annabelle is sent, against her wishes, from London to a cattle station in outback WA to stay with her late mother’s best friend and family. Life becomes interesting when the internet connection dies and she suddenly has to play ‘nanny’ to the younger Pete and his sister, Lainey. In the end Annabelle finds a new connection, one she never expected.

Cast required:

(All stage ages)

Annabelle – 16 Posh London accent. Fashionista. Strong willed. Has a nasty streak. 

Pete – 13 Very ‘Aussie’. Casual. Kind. Has the tendency to put his foot in his mouth. 

Lainey – 10 Soft. A dreamer. Talks to her imaginary friends. 

 Note: Auditionees will need to learn and present a short monologue of their choice. Enquiries - 0401 923 415

Youth Theatre Workshop -

IMPROV with Glenn Hall

 Saturday May 25th at Stirling Theatre

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Download a copy of this flyer

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with Caitlin Beresford-Ord




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