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Auditions – The Shifting Heart

By Richard Beynon

Directed by Tim Riessen

Season to run September 13 – September 18

Auditions to be held at Stirling Theatre, Saturday April 20 and Sat April 27 from 9:30 - 12:00.

Call backs, if required, will be via negotiation.

Play takes place in Bianchi’s backyard across Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.]

Late 1950’s in Collingwood Melbourne.

Roles available are:

Poppa Bianchi:  Older gent, is Italian immigrant of 1950’s Australia;

Gino: Stage age approx. 21, youngest son of Bianchi’s. He is caught between wanting to maintain Italian tradition, and being a “modern” Aussie.

Clarry: husband of Bianchi’s daughter, Maria. He is an Aussie and has a good relationship with Mama and Papa Bianchi.

(Maria and Clarry, both in early 30’s, are expecting their first child) The birth occurs during the play.

Leila Pratt:  Bianchi’s neighbour.  Street smart, typical Aussie wife of the day.

Donny Pratt: Leila's husband.  A drunkard, prone to being violent to Leila.  Tolerated by Bianchis.

(Note: this relationship shows Domestic Violence.   Leila stays with Donny, as that is what you did, at that time.)

DS Luke: Only appears in Act 2, but exemplifies the racist attitude of the time.

Papa, and Gino MUST be able to pass as Italian immigrants,

Please note the roles of Mamma Bianchi and Maria have been cast.

Rehearsal will begin in mid May and will ramp up after that, June or possibly July.

I have an SM.  If any person wishes to help out on the tech side, lighting and/or sound, happy to chat.

Interested parties can contact me direct via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tim Riessen