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'Allo 'Allo

Saturday December 2 & 9 Stirling Theatre 12noon - 3pm.

“In War torn France hapless Café owner Rene along his wife Edith struggle to keep a priceless portrait stolen by the Nazis and kept in a Sausage in his Cellar. Also hiding 2 British Airman and endeavouring with the help of Resistance, to repatriate them. Communications with London through a wireless disguised as a cockatoo add to embarrassments he endures in the company of his patrons. Matters come to a head with news that the Fuhrer is to visit town and the Café becomes filled with tricksters intending to impersonate Hitler before the event. Rene will need all the wit he can muster to save his Café and his life …!

The French:

Rene   40 to 55

Edith  Same

Yvette 25 to 35

Leclerc 50 +

Michelle 25 to 35

Mimi 20 to 30

Need a Piano player any age

Peasant girl small bit part any age

Peasant man small bit part any age

The British:

Crabtree 25 to 40

1st Airman bit part Mid 30

2nd Airman bit part Mid 30

The Germans/Italians

Colonel Kurt Von Strohm 50+

Capt Bertorelli mid 30

Herr Otto Flick 35 to 45

Helga Mid 30

Lieut Gruber mid 30

General Von Schmelling 50+


Director Andrew Watson can be contacted on 0417 916 079. or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

There is no need to prepare anything for these auditions.






Important dates for your diary:  Tuesday 5th September at 7.30pm for a reading of the play and open auditions will be held on Saturday 9th September at 12noon.