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  THE ACTRESS by Peter Quilter

         Director : Carryn McLean

 PLAYING DATES  : 7-9, 13-16, 20-22 February 2020

                       READING  :  Saturday  2ND November 2019   2pm

   AUDITIONS :  Saturday.  9TH November 2019  

                 Lydia auditions 2pm – 4pm

Nicole and Paul auditions 2pm – 3pm

    Supporting Roles 3pm – 4pm

         STIRLING THEATRE – Morris Place, Innaloo

 The Actress dramatizes the events backstage as a colourful, complicated actress (Lydia) makes her emotional farewell performance. Various people from her life invade her dressing room to say their goodbyes, declare their love, roar with laughter, spit insults, grab a final embrace and renew old battles. We see Lydia’s struggles and feelings as she comes to terms with no longer being The Actress.

CAST :            

Lydia Martin     The Actress  (50’s/60’s)

A great part for a strong female actor. A famous and  successful actress, Lydia is feisty and funny but also sad  and emotional.  Also plays Lubov in scenes from The Cherry Orchard. Please note this role requires an  Actor who can commit to a substantial part. 

Katherine       Her Dresser (50’s or 60’s) Admires Lydia and acts as an unofficial confidante and friend.                            

Charles           Her Elderly fiancé (late 60’s) Also plays  Lopakhin in scenes from The Cherry Orchard.

Harriet            Her long standing Agent can’t accept that Lydia, her best  client, is retiring.  (40’s/50’s)  

Nicole               Her daughter. Loves her mother but has always been irritated by her fame. (20’s or early 30’s)

Paul                   Lydia’s ex husband. (50’s/60’s) They had a fiery and passionate relationship and he can’t quite let go of her (late 50’s or 60’s). Also plays Gaev in scenes from The Cherry Orchard.

Margaret.          The Company Manager (late 40’s)  Exasperated with Lydia

Please note the ages are stage ages only.

For further information, please phone Carryn McLean. 0417937271 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PLEASE NOTE – As there will be a reading, no scripts will be made available prior to the reading.   Audition pieces will be available at the reading.

Rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, plus Sunday afternoons.

These days will be confirmed with the cast following the auditions.

CImportant dates for your diary:  Tuesday 5th September at 7.30pm for a reading of the play and open auditions will be held on Saturday 9th September at 12noon.