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Auditions for Grace and Willpower

The first season for 2019, Grace and Willpower, is described as “Two Plays - Two Strong Women” and will run from February 8 to February 23rd.

The Greening of Grace, was written by William Zappa will be directed by Tim Riessen.

Lady Willpower was written by Bob Charteris and will be directed by him.

Auditions will be held at Stirling Theatre on Saturday, October 27th from 10.30 - 1.00pm. There is the opportunity for people to audition for both plays, should they wish to do so.

The Greening of Grace  


Grace undergoes a a traumatic event in her life.

As she is recently widowed she examines what she wants to do with her life.

This journey is set against the backdrop of interactions with her husband, daughter and grandson.

Cast (stage ages)

GRACE Eighties

JANE Fifties

TIM Mid Twenties

DERRICK Eighties

A MAN IN A BALACLAVA (doubled by actor playing Tim)  

Auditions will take the form of readings from the script. There is no need to prepare anything.

For more information contact Tim on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

Lady Willpower  


Lady Catherine Cadwalladr has led a most unusual life and has brought up a most unusual family. She intends to make her last weeks on earth equally unusual - as her offspring are about to find out as she rewrites her will.

Cast: (These are stage ages only, and ages are very flexible.)

Lady Catherine Cadwalladr, elderly. She knows she has but a short time to live.

Jeremy Cadwalladr,}   Lady Cadwalladr's children, late 40s to early 60s

Emma Portland }         They all have dark secrets, which will only go away

Lady Zelda de Vere}       when they receive their inheritances.

Bernard Hepplewaite,   a newly qualified solicitor, late 20s

Anna, a maid, 20ish.  

Auditions will take the form of readings from the script. There is no need to prepare anything.

Bob encourages those interested in any of the roles to ring him on 0450 036 582 to discuss any of the characters in greater detail. 

Play Reading: Both plays will be read on the aftenoon of October 20th, at Stirling Theatre, from 2pm.





CImportant dates for your diary:  Tuesday 5th September at 7.30pm for a reading of the play and open auditions will be held on Saturday 9th September at 12noon.