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On this page you will be able to access flyers and media and releases  for recent productions dating from February 2010.  Just click on flyer or media release to view the document. You will be able to view a photo gallery for seasons from March 2012 onwards. You can also view Australia Day photos from January 2011.

2010 February/March Lords and Ladies Directed by Christine Ellis  flyer 

         May Eros and Psyche Directed by Peta Flanigan  flyer  media release

         July The Lady's Not For Burning Directed by Ailsa Travers  flyer  media release

         August/September Hush Little Baby One Act season various directors flyer  media release

         October The Woman in Black Directed by Danielle Ashton  flyer  media release

         November/December Little Women Directed by Carryn McLean  flyer  media release

2011 January Australia Day Barbecue photo gallery 1  photo gallery 2

         February/March A Touch of Danger Directed by Janet Brandwood  flyer media release

        May The Miracle Worker Directed by Simon James  flyer 

         July Return to the Forbidden Planet Directed by Ryan Taaffe   flyer  media release

         September Stories From Suburban Road Directed by Christine Ellis  flyer media release

         November/December A Better You Directed by Fran Gordon  flyer  media release

         December Cinderella the Pantomime Directed by Cassie Vagliviello  flyer

2012 March Steel Magnolias Directed by Ryan Taaffe.  flyer   media release photo gallery

         May Face to FaceDirected by Brendan Ellis flyer  media release photo gallery 

      July Theft Directed by Jane Sherwood flyer media release photo gallery 

          September Love, Lust and Levity One Act Season Directors Bob Charteris,Claire Westheafer and Gordon Johnson  flyer  media release  photo gallery

        November/December Go Back for Murder Directed by Janet Brandwood   media release photo gallery flyer

 2013  February/March The Secret Garden Directed by Christine Ellis flyer    media release   photo gallery photo gallery (group 2)

        May  A Country Retreat Written and directed by Peter Flanigan  flyer  media release photo gallery(1) photo gallery (2) photo gallery (3) photo gallery (4)

       July Two Weeks with the Queen Directed by Carryn McLean flyer  media release photo gallery

         September The Pajama Game Directed by Lisa Johnston flyer media release photo gallery

       November/December Old Mother Hubbard Directed by Matthew Randallflyer    media release     photo gallery 1 photo gallery 2  photo gallery 3 photogallery 4

2014February/March  Laying the GhostDirected by Carole Wilson flyer media release photo gallery

        May Death by ChocolateDirected by Janet Brandwood  flyer  media release photo gallery

        July/August Laughing Matters - One Act SeasonDirectors Bob Charteris and Christine Ellis  flyer media release photo gallery

         October/ November The Feminine Touch - One Act Season.Directors Karin Staflund, Sophie Prober, Alida Chaney flyer Media release  photo gallery

      November Stirling Variety Showincluding SPY production and the Wanneroo Civic Choir photo gallery

2015 January Seussical   Directed by Fran Gordon, Musical Director June Clark, Choreographer Peta Flanigan flyer media release  photo gallery

          April Cat on a Hot Tin RoofDirected by Jane Sherwood flyer  media release  photo gallery
         June/July The Real Thing A GRADS production directed by Barry Park. flyer

            July   45th Anniversary photo gallery

September  Gypsy Directed by Celeste Underhill Musical Director Krispin Maesalu Choreographer Amber Southall  poster media release gallery

November/December Calendar GirlsDirected by Dale James poster media release photo gallery

2016  February/March Tuesdays with MorrieDirected by Ryan Taaffe Poster media release photo gallery

         April/May You Can't Have OneDirected by Peter Flanigan poster media release photo gallery

         July  Brief EncounterDirected by Jane Sherwood postemedia release photo gallery


2017January Midsummer Mix One-act season of three premieres by local writers poster media release photo gallery

2017 March/April That Face Directed by Sharon Greenock poster media release  photo gallery

           May/June Mulan JrDirected by Fran Gordon poster media release photo gallery 
    July/August What Belongs to You Written and directed by Richard Maker  poster media release photo gallery

       September Playing the Fool - one act season  poster  media release  photo gallery

        September Exceptional Us - Youth one-act season postermedia release  Gallery

         November/December Love and Mistletoe  Directed by Carole Wilson  poster   media release photo gallery 

2018 February Charlotte's Web Directed by Fran Gordon. Musical Director Krispin Maesalu  poster  media release  photo gallery

         April/May 'Allo 'AlloDirected by Andrew Watson   poster media release photo gallery

         July It's a Wonderful Life  Directed by  Carryn McLean poster media release photo gallery

         August/September Theatre Allsorts Youth group one-act sesason Directors Andie Holborn and Cassidy Pemberton poster photo gallery

         November/December Little Miss Sunshinemusical directed by Tyler Eldridge poster media release photo gallery

2019 February/March Grace and Willpower Two one act plays directed by Tim Riessen and Bob Charteris.  poster  media release photo gallery

         April/May Ten Quid Directed by Jane Sherwood poster media release photo gallery

         July/August Are You Being Served? Directed by Andrew Watson poster media release photo gallery

         September/October John & Jen Directed by Tyler Eldridge poster media release

         November/December Farndale Avenue.. A Christmas Carol Directed by Carole Wilson poster media release

2020  February/March The Actress Directed by Carryn mcLean poster  media release

          September/October The Small Hours Directed by Janet Brandwood poster media release

          November/December Full Circle Directed by Barry Lefort  poster media release

2021  February Dinner Directed by Virginia Moore Price poster media release

          April/May To Kill a Mockingbird Directed by Jane Sherwood poster media release

          July Into the Woods Directed by Kimberley Shaw poster media release

          September/October The Addams Family Jr Directed by Fran Gordon poster media


           November/December Summer of the Seventeenth Doll Directed by Tim Riessen poster  media release

2022  February Famous Family Felonies One-act season Directors Bob Charteris, Dale James and Jane Sherwood poster media release

          April/May Freaky Friday Musical directed by Kimberley Shaw poster media release

          September/October  Anne of Green Gables Youth Musical directed by Fran Gordon. poster media release

          November/December Rose and Walsh Directed by Carryn McLean poster  media release

2023 February Of Mice and Men Directed by Tim Riessen poster  media release

          April/May Absurd Person Singular Directed by Janet Brandwood poster  media release

          July Seven Little Australians Directed by Kimberley Shaw poster media release

          September Not a Clue! Written and directed by Bob Charteris poster  media release

          November/December Lizzie's a Darlin' Written by Siobhan Wright Directed by Valerie Henry                                                                                             poster media release